pühapäev, 14. september 2008

Rahvusvaheline konverents SHARING COMMON GOALS 22.-23. septembril Tallinnas

Konverents on pühendatud Balti ja Põhjamaade naisorganisatsioonide koostööle, korraldaja Turu Naiste Keskus Femina Aboensis and Baltica.
Konverentsist võtavad osa Leedu, Läti, Soome ja Eesti avaliku sektori ja vabaühenduste esindajad. Eesti Naisteühenduste Ümarlaua ja ühtlasi ka Naistoimetajate Ühenduse esindajana osaleb konverentsil Merike Viilup.

DRAFT!!! Sharing a Common Goal Conference Program 22-23.9.2008

Nordic Forum Hotell, Tallinn, Estonia
Adress: Viru väljak 3


Registration 12-14
Lunch 13-14

14:00 Welcome
Carita Peltonen, Senior Adviser, Nordic Council of Ministers

14:15 Gender Equality Policy in a Global Perspective
Dr. Lenita Freidenvall, Stockholm University, Sweden

Women and politics - the development of women's participation in the Nordic and Baltic countries compared to the trends in other countries today.

15:00 Gender equality - Nordic Baltic cooperation
Giedre Purvaneckiene, Adviser to Prime Minister, Lithuania

In 1996 the process for introducing gender equality machinery in Lithuania
started with building up the gender equality law.

Women and Men in Dialogue
Solvita Vevere, Head of Ministers Office, Ministry of Education and Science, Latvia

The first Nordic Baltic conference on gender equality was arranged in Valmiera, Latvia in 1997 as well as the first meeting with Nordic and Baltic Ministers for gender equality.

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Loans for Female Entrepreneurs
Siv Hellén, Adviser to the President, Nordic Investment Bank

At the Women and Democracy Conference in 1999 in Reykjavik, Iceland, Nordic Investment Bank introduced their new program of loans for women entrepreneurs in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Nordic Baltic Gender Equality Cooperation
Lecturer Ülle-Marike Papp, Tallinn University, Estonia

Special adviser Kira Appel, Ministry for Gender Equality, Denmark
Nordic Baltic Gender Equality Cooperation has developed through the years,
and joint initiatives, projects, campaigns and conferences have been
arranged in a dialog between the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Nordic Baltic Police Women's Network (NBNP)
Maria Åkerblom och Eiwor Wraneus, Chief Inspector, Jämtland County Police
Sweden (tbc)

The NBNP was originally established in 2001 on the initiative of the Swedish
national Police Board. Its membership includes all Nordic and Baltic
countries. The NBNP supports the building of national networks, promotes
knowledge and arranges exchange programmes for female officers.

18:00 Closing of first day

20:00 Dinner hosted by Nordic Council Ministers


9:30 Women and Entrepreneurship in a Global World
Jonina Bjartmarz, Iceland

The Global Women's Summit garther together women from all parts of the world
to network. What can a Nordic Baltic perspective and input be at Global
Women's Summit.

Nordic Baltic Co-operation of Women's Organisation
Edite Kalnina, Chairperson of the Board, Coalition for Gender Equality in
Latvia, Vice-chair of Women's NGOs Cooperation Network in Latvia (National
Coordination of European Women's Lobby)

Nordic and Baltic Women's Organisations has cooperated through networking
and have had several gender equality cooperation projects through the years.

10:10 Coffe break

10:30 Panel discussion CHALLENGES FOR THE FUTURE
Kira Appel, Ministry for Gender Equality,
Christer Norling, Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality, Sweden
Ingi Valur Johannsson
, Ministry of Social Affairs, Iceland
Kadi Viik
, Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia
Elina Celmina
, Ministry of Welfare, Latvia
Vanda Jurseniene
, Ministry of Social Affairs and labour, Lithuania
NN, Norway
NN, Finland

The Nordic and Baltic Ministers for Gender Equality have since 1998 met
everey second year to discuss joint initiatives and activities. What is the
challenges for the future Nordic Baltic cooperation for gender equality and
what kind of joint platform could it be in an European and international

12:00 Closing of Conference
12:30 Lunch

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